Pi Day Magic Today! Instructions:

Watch our video or see the text instructions below:

Hi everyone! Here are the text instructions for Pi Day Magic:
First, you will need to follow both of us (@jamesgrime and @shwood) In order for us to send you a direct message.
Remember to send in your reactions using the hashtag #pidaymagic. Keep it friendly, and no ruderies. Please think of the children
This will not work if you don’t help us and join in. If it doesn’t work for you tell us. If it does works tell everyone! And be honest.
Finally, if you think you know how this trick works remember the magician’s code and do not reveal the secret.
Now onto the trick. Take your calculator:
1. We want you to start multiplying random single digit numbers, for example 3 x 7 x 8 x 4 x… Mix it up and keep going until the result is a large number in the millions. Then stop.
2. There is no way for us to know what number you have just made. Now pick one of those digits, and keep it to yourself. This is your chosen digit.
3. Now we want you to tweet the remaining digits of your six or seven digit number – in any order! Everything but your chosen digit.
4. Remember there is no way for us to know the number you made. Or the number you chose. Now concentrate on your chosen digit.
5. Concentrate!

For one day only, one mathematician and one magician will join forces to perform what we believe will be the world’s largest live online magic trick, and you can join in!

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