Happy Pi Day!

Yesterday was the start of our Pi Day Magic!

We’ve had a thousand participants so far from all over the world – despite the Twitter-Crash which lasted about 7 hours right in the middle of the event. I have aged 20 years in the last 24hours!

I will be waking in a cold sweat for months to come

Amazingly ‘Happy Pi Day’ was a trending topic worldwide. You geeky people.

And you can still play! We’re busy people, we can’t reply to you all individually, but we’ve written a script that will reply and tell you the number of which you were thinking – it’s that clever. To play just follow the instructions here on the website, and send your digits using the hashtag #pidaymagic as before. We will keep it running all week.

And check back at pidaymagic.com tomorrow when we will reveal how we did it, and you will be able to perform this trick yourselves on your family and friends. We will release an episode of Scam School explaining how you can pull this trick off, as well as an article by myself explaining the magic and the mathematics of the Pi Day Magic event.


Thanks go out to my partner in this event Brian Brushwood (@shwood), as well as massive thanks to Brian Pollock (@cloudoidltd) – whose idea this was, and Dave Wagner (@kaeladan) – codemonkey, master of the Dave Fu.

Special thanks to Simon Singh (@SLSingh), Marcus du Sautoy (@marcusdusautoy), Richard Wiseman (@richardwiseman), the Times Higher Education Supplement (@Timeshighered) , Mismag822 (youtube/mismag822), Cambridge Science Festival (@camscience) and to everyone who retweeted and spread the word about Pi Day Magic yesterday!

Thanks to Twitter for their help with the event. Curses to Twitter for the crash.

And finally thanks to everyone who participated!

For one day only, one mathematician and one magician will join forces to perform what we believe will be the world’s largest live online magic trick, and you can join in!

Brian Brushwood Twitterfeed

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