Pi Day 2011 – The iPhone App

Happy Pi Day everyone! Wait, what?

Ah. Missed it. Well, sort of. You see, we were all ready for some Pi Day Magic this year. We’ve made an iPhone app (and we hope it will be available for other smartphones soon), but it was not approved in time. I win!… at failing.

But it’s available to download now at http://app.pidaymagic.com (and it’s free)

It’s a mathematical magic trick where your volunteer may choose any five cards from a deck. One card is then hidden, yet you can determine the volunteer’s hidden card from the other four. Are people really so predictable?

Download the app now to find out how to perform this trick. Plus, all will be revealed in a future episode of Scam School with Brian Brushwood.

And for those of you who like puppets, here is my little promo/advert

For one day only, one mathematician and one magician will join forces to perform what we believe will be the world’s largest live online magic trick, and you can join in!

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